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Interview with Anne Marie Mai (By Erin Callahan)

Interview with Anne Marie Mai (By Erin Callahan)

What Is It about Bob Dylan?
Distorted photo of bob dylan wearing leather pants, an open vest, and sunglasses while playing guitar

Dr. Anne Marie Mai is our guest on The Dylantantes podcast (interview by Erin Callahan). The discussion ranges widely before zeroing in on Dylan and masculinity.

Anne Marie Mai is currently the chair of humanities at the University of Southern Denmark and serves on the board of the Bob Dylan Research Institute.  She earned her Ph.D. in Nordic literature and her research primarily  focuses on the history of Danish Literature, contemporary Nordic Literature, the history of Nordic Women’s literature and the history of the Scandinavian Enlightenment. She has published numerous works Dylan including: a chapter in  21st Century Dylan: Late and Timely entitled “Behind Every Beautiful Thing There’s Been Some Kind of Pain”: Melancholia in Dylan’s Songs and Paintings,”  “Bob Dylan as a Challenge to Modern Literary Studies,”  “Bob Dylan, The Poet,”  and “New Approaches to Bob Dylan."

Special thanks to Sean Latham for finding Erin and Anne Marie a suitable space to conduct the interview at the World of Bob Dylan Conference, 2023.

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