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Interview with Erin Callahan

Interview with Erin Callahan

What Is It about Bob Dylan?
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What Is It about Bob Dylan?

This interview with Dr. Erin Callahan constitutes the inaugural podcast of The Dylantantes. Erin is a brilliant Bob Dylan thinker who has flown under the radar a bit, as we discuss during our conversation.

Erin teaches English at San Jacinto College in Texas. She has presented and published on Dylan and is currently co-editing a volume with Court Carney on interpretations of Dylan’s setlists for Routledge.

I am proud to have Erin as our inaugural guest, and I anticipate we will be hearing her compelling voice much more frequently both on this site and out there in the Dylan ether.

Caveat Auditor

The sound quality is a little harsh, particularly on my side. I am new to this podcast interview thing, but I know that the content will more than make up for the technical and aesthetic shortcomings.

Comments are most welcome.

Yours in Dylanology, 
Jim Salvucci
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